Tips for finding a carer

Four simple steps for approaching trusted people in your family and friend networks


If you’re on Facebook, share the fact that you’re looking for a nanny/home-based educator (include your ideal location, hours/days needed etc) and ask your Facebook network to share with their networks.

Private message any friends/family that might know of someone, especially families with young children.

Join local community, nanny and family/parenting groups on Facebook and post your job.


Check out the Local Jobs section to look for nannies/home-based educators looking for work.

Post a Job Vacancy ad to outline the job you have available.

3. Email & SMS

Simply email/SMS your contact list and let them know you’re looking for childcare. Remember to give your contacts permission to share your contact details with their contacts.

4. Printed flyers

If you’re not having luck online, you can always create your own flyer to promote your job. Flyers are a great way to access your local community - give them to local playgroups, kindys, playcentres, music groups, libraries, schools, parenting & supermarket noticeboards.