Why move to Happi?

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When you join Happi, you’ll receive NEW FUNDING SUPPORT (Happi Credit), depending on the age of your children and their hours in care. The additional funding is the current subsidy that the Government provides all licensed ECE services. We call it Happi Credit. And we choose to pass this funding directly to you.

Happi Credit is physical cash, transferred to your bank account, every week. You’ll still receive your HOURLY RATE from your families, in addition to HAPPI CREDIT for up to four children enrolled for care in your home. 

The net result is more Government funding getting to home-based educators, because it’s OVER AND ABOVE the hourly rate your families already pay you.

You can work out how much EXTRA FUNDING you’ll receive by joining Happi - just use our handy calculator

Happi sounds different to what I’m used to?

Yes, we’re different. Imagine having the flexibility and freedom to determine how your Happi Credit is spent, for the benefit of the children in your care. Every week!

Happi is a company, but a community-first childcare company. The position we take in the ECE industry is different from any other ECE company or service in New Zealand.

  1. We’re worried about the focus on company profits in the ECE sector. Children in other parts of the education system aren’t subject to the same commercialisation of their sectors.
  2. We’re concerned that ECE educators feel undervalued and underpaid. Shouldn’t educators feel more respected, valued and better remunerated for the important work they do?
  3. We find it unbelievable that ECE educators and parents don't understand all ways that the Government currently invests in early childhood education. Of course, it’s not in the interests of other ECE providers to make it visible. 
  4. We don’t think it’s fair that a family's income determines the choice and quality of childcare available to them.  
  5. We truly believe that for most children, their first 1,000 days should be spent with a trusted, known person, offering real love in a supported home and community setting.


What else do I need to know before I join Happi’s tiny revolution?

  • Yes, you can bring your existing families with you to Happi. We just need to complete the same registration forms and checks as any other licensed home-based ECE service first.
  • We pass 100% of the GOVERNMENT FUNDING to your household every week, with a clear outline of the Government subsidies received and Happi fees paid. We call this weekly funding payment Happi Credit.
  • You’ll receive Happi Credit by completing HAPPI TASKS each week. Happi Tasks are the same tasks required for any other licensed home-based ECE service. Happi Partnership Teachers will support you in setting and completing your Happi Tasks each week.
  • We operate differently to keep our business sustainable. We charge a 15% + GST HAPPI SERVICE FEE on your total earnings via Happi every week. This fee helps us pay for our fully qualified Happi Partnership Teachers that support you, the development of our technology and our head office team. The Happi Calculator above shows what your earnings look like after this fee.
  • We also charge educators and families a small registration fee, but we WAIVE these fees if you are TRANSFERRING from an existing home-based ECE service.
  • We don’t ACTIVELY MATCH families and carers. We believe that everyone has access to people within their existing personal networks (friends or friends of friends), families and communities that they can tap into if they want to care for other people’s children. Our job is to support families to find the best childcare match for their family, and support carers to find work within their local communities.

What can I use my Happi Credit for?

Happi Educarers might use their Happi Credit to cover their non-contact time completing Happi Tasks, or as reimbursement for everyday childcare costs (craft and baking supplies etc). Happi Educarers also have the flexibility to use Happi Credit for the care and wellbeing needs of a child in their care or decide to offer families more cost efficient rates because they can be offset by the Happi Credit they receive. Happi Credit is also used to provide training and professional development opportunities for Happi Educarers.


Then join our waitlist. We can then let you know when we officially launch in your area.

If you think we should prioritise your area/suburb, please share our waitlist form with local families and carers you know that would be interested in joining Happi. If we get enough interest in an area, we’ll be sure to move your location to the top of our waitlist!