We're starting a tiny revolution in childcare

We are starting A tiny revolution


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about us

Happi is a parent-led New Zealand company focused on creating the best care and education outcomes for New Zealand children and their families. Our goal is to become the nationwide service platform where Kiwi parents access the local help they need to raise a happy family. To achieve this goal, we’ll need to start a tiny revolution in the childcare industry. You can expect us to prove there is a more transparent and ethical way of ‘doing’ childcare.

What will the tiny ‘revolution’ look like?

  • We will empower and value our in-home educators: by giving them the ability to provide a higher quality in-home childcare service, with no more out of pocket expenses

  • We will build trust with parents: by giving parents the choice to be more involved in their child's preschool education, and facilitate closer relationships with educators with no extra/hidden costs.

  • We will improve childcare quality for our tamariki: by providing better quality care, with no financial barriers to educational experiences.

The future is Happi.



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